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Based on your skill, competence, and experience, get projects assigned specifically for you



Get clear guidelines and requirements to execute your role to perfection. Benefit from working with other Stori creators


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Get immediate pay after completion of the assignment. No more running around after customers

Being a Stori-creator is more than just a being freelancer. 

Invite only

 Exclusive community of exceptional creators who are passionate about story telling

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Unlike other platforms, creators are valued for their worth

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Community that supports learning, sharing and caring among creators

Continuous growth

Stori creators get benefited from continuously mastering the craft of better storytelling


Look through the answers to the most popular questions of our customers. Didn’t find what you need? Just send us a request and we will get in touch with you shortly.

Why would I want to be a Stori Creator?

Not only do you get quality assignments and immediate payment, you also join a community of creators that want to grow together. 

How does Stori match the creator to a project? 

A project is matched to you based on certain variables. Location, language, experience, expertise, and budget 

Is the work done remotely or on site? 

Depending on your task, it will either take place remotely or on-site. 

How much commission does Stori take?

Zero! We do not charge any commission from the creators. So there is no reason not to join. 

How much experience do I need to be a Stori creator?

Experience is important, but we are more interested in your dedication and work ethic. 

How is it different from Fiverr? 

Fiverr who?

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